My Social internet history and New social media in online communities today

My activity on the Internet started slow with my parents monitoring and controlling my use. I got a hotmail account and set up an account with MSN messenger. I was allowed a half-hour a day and used it to talk to friends from school. As I grew the opportunities for Internet participation grew with me. In the ninth grade I got a MySpace account. I used this platform very regularly to talk to friends and to follow local band in the area to hear their music and find out about shows. My passion for the local music scene drove my participation in MySpace and when the majority of my friends started to switch to Face Book I was reluctant to follow. When I got Face book I continued to primarily go on MySpace however by the end of the year I rarely logged into MySpace and used Face Book regularly. Getting an Iphone in my second year of university largely influenced my online participation. This allowed my to use the social networking apps I enjoyed wherever I was and update as well as check the online community whenever I wanted. I never played video games so I was never a part of the online computer gaming community or the online communities created through Xbox live and Play Station Network.

When I got to university I learned about many new platforms of online social media. In my first year I was introduced to the blogging platform Tumblr. I created an account and continued to use it very regularly. My first year of university was when I really started participating in online communities. I used my Tumblr blog constantly and also got a Twitter account. The following year I got an account with Instagram and have used Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram on a daily basis.

The issues that come from the new wave of social comminutes online is the lack of true connection and commitment to the social communities. The World Wide Web has created many new opportunities for a postmodern view on social neighborhoods (Schäfer). Physicals boundaries are no longer a factor in creating social communities and niche communities based on common interest can form through online social platforms (Schäfer). This can create strong social communities or a sense of no commitment since many belong to a wider variety of social groups and drift from contact through them, never socially committing to one group for too long. The increased use and involvement in postmodern online comminutes can lead to a lack of social interaction in the physical world and a reliance on the Internet for a sense of community of social worth. The opportunities for social interaction are great however one must be wary that they do not loose the important values of face to face social interactions while participating in am online social world.

Nicholas Reynolds

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